About Us

Brilliant Public High School

Our Motto

Every Institution has its own Motto to give a special identity. The motto of BPHS inscribed within a shield is "ATMA DIPO BHAV". The students are taught that what makes them noble is not only education but character which is formed by the practice of certain virtues which is a long process.

Brief Insight

We have well equipped Science lab and Computer lab and well stocked library and play ground for over all development of our student. BPHS seeks to instill in the children proper habits, positive attitudes and values such as truthfulness, unselfishness, self respect, self control, sense of duty, good manners, freedom of mind and national and scientific approach

Principals Message

It is our belief that high School be the experience of life time. Our students are our main focus. BPHS is proud on their students. Academic excellence with character and personality deelopment is our ultimate goal. The well chalked out academic and co-curricular programme enables the students to attain their full potential to develop sound work habits. The academic work is centered on highly personalized attention and superrision. BPHS aspires all students to success in their world.

School is a place where children are encouraged to say, I see it, I get it, I can do it.. I hope this effort of our minds will serve as a stepping stone towards the many miles stones. We have to cover in pursuit of excellence. May we continue to give our student strong roots and stronger wings to conquer the world.